Don Benito Bandoneon Method results from Luciano Jungman's vast experience as a professional bandoneonist and teacher. It addresses different levels of musicians and takes students from the basics to the performance of complex arrangements. Don Benito Bandoneon Method consists of two books written in English, which include a CD with demo or play-along audio tracks as well as video tracks. 

Don Benito "Bandoneon Method" Bach Supplementary material

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  • Don Benito "Bandoneon Method" Bach Supplementary material
    Bach compositions for keyboard are not only a very nice music to play and listen to, there are also a very useful material to know bandoneons keyboards deeply, develop hands independence, control sound and air of the instrument. I’ve gather and transcribed here twenty Bach pieces, from the easiest to the more complex Bach masterpieces. I’ve included also three more videos: „Tips and pieces of advised“ and „How to work with play along“ clearing up how to study with this material, providing some helpful tips, explaining how to work and study with the „Play along“ file provided and a video example of „Prelude 2“ from „Well tempered Clavier“.

  • During next 24 Hrs after purchase, you’ll receive a link to download your material. Contain: 20 Pieces (PDF FIle) + 4 Videos + 3 Audio File (Play along) 

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