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Don Benito Bandoneon Method

  • Do I need a music teacher?
    If you have never approached musical reading, it is advisable to learn the basics with the help of a teacher. You can start learning how to play the bandoneon with the Don Benito method; and musical reading, with a teacher.
  • Which kind of bandoneon does the Don Benito method use?
    The Don Benito method has been created to teach students how to play a bandoneon with the following keyboards: Left Hand / Open Left Hand / Close Right Hand / Open Right Hand / Close
  • Can I take advantage of your method; even if I don't know how to read music?
    I'm quite sure at the first time you'll need some teacher who could explain to you the basics things about music notes and scripture. You could do it while you start to play the instrument.
  • I have studied for a few months, some time ago... can I start since chapter two or three?"
    Yes, of course. I would suggest send me the last score that you had played and I will tell you in my opinion which one is the best chapter to restart.
  • How much time I will need to play well?
    Every day my students and I play the instrument trying to be better and better players. There isn't a time to said, "OK, I'm a good player" It is a daily work. Even though I would tell you the time what my ordinary students needs (since the very beginning to play an easy arrangement of a tango) oscillate between two or three month.
  • What kind of style you teach with your method? Which school are you following teaching?
    I'm not following only one school. I have gathered all the things that I have practiced with classical teachers and others from the tango style and then I have written my own path of exercises.
  • Was your method made for professionals only?
    The method is accessible for amateur players. If after some time of practicing some student wants to be a professional player; he/she already has the basic things to get a good position and sound.
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